My Easy Park - Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions by customers, if the answer you are looking for isn't covered, please contact us for an answer.

Do I have to pre-book?

Yes, we would always advise customers pre-book their Glasgow Airport Parking as this is the only way to GUARANTEE your space. By doing this, you ensure that our car parks are expecting your arrival and you are also able to take advantage of our new self-check-in service which will rapidly speed up your arrival process.

How far in advance should I book?

We would recommend that you simply book your parking as soon as you know your final travel dates. Many of our customers book up to a year in advance to guarantee their space and get next years service, at this year’s price!

Do you have transport to the airport?

Yes, the car park has shuttle buses which are included within the price you are quoted for the car parking and these run an on demand service. My Easy Park recommends you arrive at least 40 minutes before your airline check-in desk opens.

What happens when I get to the car park?

On arrival at the car park you will see the drive through check-in bay. Once you have checked in, please park in your allocated parking zone and keep your car keys! If you have requested our EV charging service, you will be required to leave your keys and your vehicle will be moved into the EV Charging space and then returned to the original parking space once charged. Our shuttle buses run an on demand service and will transfer you to the airport in the shortest time possible.

Why do you say a week is 8 days and a fortnight is 15 days?

Car Parking is charged per day whereas holiday companies charge per night. This means that if you are going away from one Saturday to the next, you will have been away for 7 nights, but this is 8 days.

Do we pay when we book?

In order for your booking to be confirmed, My Easy Park, or its appointed agent must receive payment. For acceptable methods of payment please see our booking conditions.

Is the car park secure and insured/who is liable for any damage?

My Easy Park has secure perimeter fencing, with security cameras and our premises are manned at all times. The full Terms and Conditions of Parking and Insurance are displayed at the reception.

I appear to have booked twice/put in the wrong details. What can I do?

At My Easy Park we understand that mistakes are easily made. The quickest and most convenient method of resolving any difficulties is to contact us directly.

What happens if my flight is delayed and I overstay my booking period?

My Easy Park understands that these are circumstances out with your control. Such events can be stressful and our promise is to keep your vehicle safe. If your return is delayed and you are unsure of overstay costs please feel free to contact us for an answer.

Do I get to keep my vehicle keys?

Yes. We operate a self-parking system and so there is no need for us to keep your keys. Adopting this type of parking offers our customer’s surety that they will return to their vehicle exactly how they left it. If however, you have requested our EV charging service, you will be required to leave your keys and your vehicle will be moved into the EV Charging space and then returned to the original parking space once charged.

How often do your prices change?

My Easy Park monitors all our competitor’s prices on a daily basis to ensure that we provide the most competitive prices for Glasgow Airport Parking to our customers. As a result, our prices can change on a daily basis and so a price quote is only valid at the time of booking. Also, please remember that by booking directly through this website, our prices will not be beaten!

What is 'automatic check-in' at My Easy Park?

My Easy Park has invested heavily in a new state of the art ANPR system that allows you to check in via your number plate, this service allows for complete convenience and ensures the quickest and easiest check-in's. Simply approach the barrier and our automatic number plate recognition system will read your number plate and allow you into the car park.

If I get lost and can't find My Easy Park?

My Easy Park team will be available to assist you at any time. Just give us a call on 0300 1245505 and we will give you directions over the phone.

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